Air Glasgow


Your Scottish Airport to the World

Code Terminal Remark
logo_airline_aer_lingus.png Aer Lingus EI Terminal 1  
logo_airline_aeroflot.png Aeroflot Russian Airlines SU Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_aeromexico.png AeroMexico AM Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_air_baltic.png Air Baltic BT Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_air_canada.png Air Canada AC Terminal 2  
logo_airline_air_france.png Air France AF Terminal 1  
logo_airline_air_malta.png Air Malta KM Terminal 1  
logo_airline_air_nostrum.png Air Nostrum YD Terminal 1 Inbound charter
logo_airline_air_transat.png Air Transat TS Terminal 2  
logo_airline_alitalia.png Alitalia AZ Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_american_airlines.png American Airlines AA Terminal 1  
logo_airline_austrian_airlines.png Austrian Airlines OS Terminal 1 Inbound charter
logo_airline_balkan_holidays.png Balkan Holidays BH Terminal 1  
logo_airline_blue_air.png Blue Air 0B Terminal 1  
logo_airline_british_airways.png British Airways BA Terminal 1  
logo_airline_delta_airlines.png Delta Air Lines DL Terminal 1  
logo_airline_easyjet.png easyJet EZY Terminal 1  
logo_airline_eastern_airways.png Eastern Airways T3 Terminal 1  
logo_airline_elal.png ElAl Israel Airlines LY Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_emirates.png Emirates EK Terminal 1  
logo_airline_eurowings.png Eurowings EW Terminal 1  
logo_airline_flybe.png Flybe BE Terminal 1  
logo_airline_icelandair.png Icelandair FI Terminal 1  
logo_airline_iberia.png Iberia IB Terminal 1 American Airlines codeshare
logo_airline_jet2.png Jet2 LS Terminal 2
logo_airline_kenya_airways.png Kenya Airways KQ Terminal 1 KLM codeshare
logo_airline_klm.png KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL Terminal 1
logo_airline_korean_air.png Korean Air KE Terminal 1  
logo_airline_loganair_01.png Loganair LM Terminal 1  
logo_airline_lufthansa.png Lufthansa LH Terminal 1  
logo_airline_niki.png Niki HG Terminal 1 Inbound charter
logo_airline_qantas.png Qantas QF Terminal 1 Emirates codeshare
logo_airline_ryanair.png Ryanair FR Terminal 2
logo_airline_thomas_cook_01.png Thomas Cook Airlines TCX Terminal 2  
logo_airline_tui.png Thomson Airways TOM Terminal 1  
logo_airline_united.png United Airlines UA Terminal 1  
logo_airline_virgin_atlantic.png Virgin Atlantic VS Terminal 1  
logo_airline_westjet.png WestJet WS Terminal 1  
logo_airline_wizz_air.png Wizz Air W6 Terminal 1  

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